PE technology
Machines and tools for modern plastic pipe construction

In both the municipal and chemical sector more and more plastic pipes made of PE and PP are being used. These pipes are laid and welded using special technology.

For this application the VIETZ range offers different types of technology:

  • Manual or CNC-controlled butt welding machines with a data recording system (traceability) for use in trenches
  • CNC-controlled butt welding machines for plant engineering
  • Universal electrofusion welding unit for welding e-fittings with state-of-the art data recording system (traceability)

We deliver the right type of device depending on the task. Workshop equipment is required for chemical plant engineering. It is therefore possible to manufacture insert parts according to individual customer requirements.

Tools for PE pipe installation

To professionally lay PE pipes, aids such as

  • Pipe cutters
  • Pipe saws
  • Crimping tools and
  • Pipe-end processing machines

are required.

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