Welding units

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Our commitment to always doing our best for you as a customer has made us one of the leading manufacturers of welding units for pipeline construction and this is reflected in the quality and service life of all our components. Our company offers a varied range of units for both pipe system and pipeline construction as well as for utilities and municipal supply grids.

Our units are adapted to match all requirements and needs in accordance with your specifications. This includes different chassis solutions, socket/connector configurations, various inverter options and integrated compressor variants. Even special requirements that are not needed on an everyday basis, such as large tanks, multiple cable holders, gas bottle holders, isolation transformers and many more solutions round off our range.

Because we know that corporate identity is of particular importance to you, you can customize the colour of the hoods without spending a penny extra. This will set you apart from the competition and increase the recognition value of your company along the way.

Do you want to know more? Then browse through our catalogue or contact us directly. We will be pleased to advise and guide you from your initial inquiry through to delivery and beyond.

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Special equipment

VIETZ-LIGHT the construction site lighting system

With this well thought out modular option, you are no longer dependent on factors such as ambient brightness and time of day.

You can perform welding jobs on your construction site while ensuring almost consistent lighting conditions around-the-clock – all with just one unit.

Equip your new welding unit now and be delighted with the result!

The factory-installed clamps on the welding unit enable the installation of the two light poles, which can be extended up to 6 metres, within seconds.

  • Whether halogen spotlights, LED spotlights or daylight lighting balloons,
  • Whether small 200 watt lights or football field floodlights of 4000 watts,
  • Whether one or two light poles,
  • Whether extendable to 2 metres, 3 metres or even 6 metres

The VIETZ-LIGHT can be adapted to any of your personal requirements.

TIG control

The proven VIETZ units of the GDV generation – that are 100% secure for vertical-down welding – have become indispensable around the world.

These units have been delivering reliable welding performance for many years, especially for use on pipeline construction sites. In addition to the electrode hand welding process, other welding processes have become more and more prevalent.

Professional TIG welding in pipeline and plant construction applications is becoming more and more popular. This has led us to further develop the existing TIG control system from Vietz. The result is a fully-fledged, high-performance 300A TIG system, which gives you the opportunity to easily weld using the TIG or electrode hand welding methods.

Due to the compatibility of all components, we can easily retrofit the TIG control module to almost all units of the GDV product line.

Further special equipment can be found in our current product catalogue