Welding inverter

Competitive advantage through forward-looking technology

In cooperation with our partner EWM, we offer you a technological competitive advantage for all current welding processes which is characterised by high efficiency, resource conservation as well as cost and time savings during welding. State-of-the-art, reliable quality and a comprehensive guarantee provide you with additional security.

Another special feature of our inverters is their thoroughly robust design, which guarantees their suitability for use on construction sites. Rely on the technology from VIETZ and you will be delighted.

Electrode hand welding equipment

From a handy 150 A inverter to a 350 A compact powerhouse; our product range offers everything for the professional electrode hand welder.

For years, our own Cellstar brand has set the benchmark in the welding of cellulose-covered vertical-down electrodes, especially in pipeline construction. The specially developed characteristic curves are based on state-of-the-art inverter technology and guarantee excellent results.

Our Cellstar 350 can also be equipped with a demagnetisation program that reduces unwanted residual magnetism in components, thus avoiding lack of fusion problems and minimising rework.

Additional functions such as arcforce, hotstart, antistick or pulsed arc simplify the work even more.

TIG welding units

Especially in the field of ​​TIG welding, we rely on products with which you can complete your welding tasks faster, cheaper and to the highest quality. Particularly in this area, clean and safe welding results are key. To this end, EWM has developed a number of innovative functions (ActivArc, TigSpeed, SpotArc or ForceTig) with which you can significantly simplify and optimise your tasks.

Our extensive program ranges from small, portable devices to large mobile systems with 550 A welding performance. In addition, we also offer you a range of modular systems that can be equipped with water cooling and trolleys according to your wishes.

MIG/MAG welding machines

The MIG/MAG systems are undoubtedly the all-round masterpieces among welding units. This method allows virtually all materials to be welded safely and at high speed. The lower heat input compared to other processes minimises both distortion and rework.

To this end, EWM has developed some innovative functions (ForceArc, ColdArc and RootArc) with which you can significantly simplify and optimise your tasks.

Our comprehensive range allows you to put together the right system for every application.

Thanks to the modular design, you can flexibly and easily adapt your welding unit to your current needs at any time. With a few simple steps, you can equip your MIG/MAG welding unit with a trolley or cooling module – for maximum flexibility in your production.

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